Ryu Hayabusa

(Profile from Ninja Gaiden) A descendant of the Dragon Lineage, he is a young member of the Hayabusa Ninja Clan. His father, Joe Hayabusa, has been entrusted wtih the Dragon Sword, an ancient sword that has been passed down through the generations of clan leaders.




Alhtough she's still a female ninja in training, she seems to have a natural talent with her knowledge of her sword (or just swords in general). She gets abducted by enemies [Black Spider Ninja] who come out of no where. Of course, the person who will save her is Ryu Hayabausa.




He's one of the kids that are from the Hayabusa Ninja village. He is a leader-type presence for the village. He is very responsible and he trains hard to become a strong ninja to protect the village. He resembles the way Ryu Hayabusa used to look when he was a child.





He is a kid filled with power who also has a kind heart. There are times where he only thinks about himself and Sakura…




She is a lively kid who adores Momiji. She treates Momiji like an older sister. (Not too sure about the translation of this line) She is similar to Ryu in the sense that she doesn't really care for her childhood guy friends. She hates doing female ninja training.




He is a kid who always loves studying ninja techniques. He studies a book about ninja knowledge that was left by his father. He has a pretty docile personality, but in his head, there seems to be brilliant ideas brewing.