The History of Vigoor I

...ever since, these monsters have come to be known as Fiends. The majority of them are mutations of human beings, existing in a condition of living without a soul due to their corruption by evil...

The History of Vigoor II

...however, the extraordinary power of the Fiends is incomparable to that of humans; in fact the highest level of Fiends exists in a state that can only be described as having transcended physical boundaries of form. Looking back through the pages of history, it is quite probable that many of the most powerful members of the Vigoorian ruling class in fact belonged to this classification. It is not surprising, then, that the Fiends have been seen as gods...

The History of Vigoor III

...it is said that sometimes Fiends may rise up from dead bodies; in fact there were many Monks of the Vigoor Order during the Middle Ages who labored for years to recreate this phenomenon...

The History of Vigoor IV

...the vast majority of records dealing with the Fiends date from Middle Ages or earlier. During recent times the Fiends have greatly decreased in numbers; so much so that for a member of the general Vigoorian public to come into contact with a Fiend has become an extremely rare occurence...

The Emperor, Lord of All Creation

...the Vigoor Emperor is the figurehead of the commoners, and his absolute authority as the Holy leader of our Vigoorian Order cannot be denied. He controls all, physical and ethereal, regardless of time or place...


The evil Dark Dragon Blade...
A legendary sword, said to have been carved out of the bones of a Black Dragon, it brought plague and death to the world during the age of ancient myth. It has been sealed by those of the Dragon Lineage since the dawn of history because of its incredible capacity for evil, made possible by the souls of the vanquished Black Dragons that dwell within it. It is said that if the Blade's seal were to be broken, it would gather the hatred and evil of mankind and confer it upon the one who wields it, transforming him into the Devil incarnate; however not even those of the Dragon Lineage who protect it know the true extent of its power...

The Dragon Sword...
Another weapon protected by the Dragon Lineage since ancient times. This sword, which is said to have been used by Ancient warriors to slay the Black Dragons, is now handed down from generation to generation in the Hayabusa Ninja Clan, the modern descendants of the Dragon Lineage. And now, the Dragon Sword is gripped firmly in the hands of young Ninja Ryu Hayabusa...


The Book of Genesis

In the beginning, a great inconsistency flowed out into the nothing; a nothing that was afraid of its own nothingness. A pure terror without color, without sound, without smell, it formed root of all defecation, and eventually it coalesced into the shape of the first Deity, Gurdu. Gurdu gave birth to all elements, and provided them with order and function. In a remote area of space from where Gurdu provided order, there existed the territory of a chaos formed from elements without shape. This chaos, which had been forgotten during the blessings of Gurdu, existed at first as only a instinctual fear, but eventually the chaos began to take shape and a consciousness was formed within it.

At first this was just a small envious presence, but eventually it grew and became clearer. This marked the appearance of the Hatred. The chaotic nature of the Hatred further evolved it, bringing it to the level of a Deity. Thus, the ancestor of all Evil Deities, Vigoor, came into being, and the first conflict was set into motion.

The Book of Evil Deities

The ancestor of all Evil Deities, Vigoor, began to devour the territory of Gurdu, beginning at its center. During endless solar and lunar eclipses, the earth shook and split, the seas dried up only to flood into existence again, and intense winds swept over everything and fires burned down all of existence, ignoring even the concept of time itself. Eventually, Gurdu lost his strength, and the world once again plunged into the chaos from which it had come.

Then, a great change occurred. During the throes of the unending destruction, the body of Gurdu himself split into fourths. Each part became a Deity itself, controlling Sentiment, Wisdom, Immorality, and Creation. Eventually they would come together to restore shape to the world again, but in their panic-stricken state after their birth they still had little power.

The Book of Dragons

In this age of panic, the Serpent, Deity of Creation was the only one of the Deities who managed to keep some semblance of sanity. The Serpent gave birth to a tiny presence, something that no other being would even notice... the seeds of life. These seeds managed to take hold and grow in the storm of chaos, and ever so slightly began to evolve, eventually becoming thirteen Dragons, whose destinies were to be found in battle. The Dragons waged an endless battle against Vigoor, who never ceased in his attempts to bring the world into chaos of hatred. Eventually the Dragons were able to banish Vigoor to the very ends of the world.

However, it was at this time that the youngest and lowest in position of the Dragons, the Dark Dragon, summoned the Hatred with its feelings of inferiority. Due to this betrayal, Vigoor was able to keep from being completely destroyed.

The Book of the Fiends

The Dark Dragon, now full of evil intent, joined with Vigoor and his spawn of Evil Deities to further capture the territory of Gurdu . This conflict continued throughout the eons of history, and during its struggle the first spark of human life appeared in the form of the Ancient tribes. Of course, old conflicts never cease, and even in the age of the Ancient tribes of the Dragon Lineage and Evil Deities continued their battle for tens of thousands of generations, a struggle that finally ended when the members of the Dragon Lineage were able to seal away the Evil Deities and their spawn. However, in that age of chaos all of the bloodlines of Ancient tribes were mixed, and the form and nature of the Ancients has been carried on by us, the Fiends.

The Book of the Future

The land that the Evil Deity Vigoor once held as his final territory has become this, the land of Vigoor. The treachery of the Dark Dragon also occurred here, and this was where the Ancient Tribes lived. That is why their descendants, us the Fiends, have taken over control of these lands. With this land as a barrier, the power of Vigoor is limited only to this Earth.

Vigoor is the Demon of Destruction and the Deity who creates history; when the decadence of this world has piled up, he will return in a blaze of all-destroying flame and recreate the world. Chaos, like the floods on the banks of a great river, will fulfill this world once again, and we will be the first recipients of this fulfillment. Evolution has and always will begin from here, the land of Vigoor. It has been several hundred years, since the Supreme Fiend Gogohn established what would eventually become the Vigoor Empire here on these lands.

If a new warrior of the Dragon Lineage shall appear, the Holy Emperor shall be infused with the power of the Evil Deities. After seven days, from the unity of His Majesty with the Dark Dragon once again, we Fiends will be blessed with an exquisite harmony.

The Dragon Lineage

An ancient race of beings that was said to have defeated the sinister Evil Deities in the age of ancient myth; the descendents of this bloodline came to be known in a later age as the Dragon Ninja, the modern-day Hayabusa Ninja Clan. The leader of these people has throughout history always carried the legendary Dragon Sword, used to defeat evil wherever it surfaced. It is fate of the Dragon Lineage to be inexorably linked to their nemeses, the Evil Deities.


A race of monsters that is seen only rarely in the Vigoor Empire, they are the result of a transformation in certain humans and other animals that carry a susceptible genetic code; it is speculated that certain unique factors in the Vigoorian environment also facilitate this phenomenon. As a result, epidemiologists believe it to be endemic to the Vigoor Empire. The Fiends have long been subjects of fear and awe, and a culture of Fiend worship is still very prevalent in Vigoor. Fiends of a special rank and ability are known as Greater Fiends.

The Vigoor Empire

An imperialistic nation located in a land-locked area in western Asia. The country remains shrouded in mystery due to its long-standing policy of national seclusion. Vigoor maintains a unique belief system as its state religion. Its leader, the Holy Vigoor Emperor, holds supreme power in both the political and religious worlds; however, details surrounding him are slight.